I have updated the Virtual Regatta Guide

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I have updated the Virtual Regatta Guide

Postby Le Grand DIC » Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:19 pm

Dear friends,

I have eventually finished the 5th edition of the virtual regatta guide for my friends. Like the previous edition, it required a huge revision work to update it, due to the numerous evolution of the VR interface and associated tools. I have to thank the sharp eyes that found many errors that I left here and there. In particular Omar spent patiently his time to explain to me the Weather Router with land collision detection. You can freely download it from my blog.

Among the notable additions or modifications, you can read:
• Weather (§ 1.6)
• Multi Headings Programmer (§ 2.4)
• Waypoints (§ 2.5)
• Chronicle of an Announced Grounding (§ 3.6)
• Polars (§ 6.1)
• VRTool Quick Start (§ 8.2)
• Import your Track from Firefox (versions 4 to 8) (§ 8.4.2)
• Understanding the Wind Update (§ 9.1)
• Retrieve Waypoints (§ 10.7)
• Minute Programming (§ 11.5)
• Copy the Zezo Route to VRtool (§ 13.2.2)
• VRTool Weather Routing (with land collision detection) (§ 13.3)
• Draw a Lay-Line (§ 15.1)
• Globe Roundness Impacts on the Interface (§ 15.4).

I hope that you will get as much pleasure as I did when writing it.

Le Grand DIC
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Re: I have updated the Virtual Regatta Guide

Postby omar » Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:18 am

nice work.. I wish my documentation was like that... :ugeek:
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Re: I have updated the Virtual Regatta Guide

Postby Dana1 I » Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:10 pm

The VRTool look like a great product. I have now tried to make it work for VORG for 3 evenings, but I have failed miserably. I do have about 20 years of software development and software project management experience, so I will eventually get it if you can be patient.

I have read this forum extensively, and the links from the Wiki, and the above mentioned VR guide.

However it looks like I'm missing some key pieces of information for VORG racing.

Are there any instructions available on how to set this thing up for VORG. Like where to get the polars (OK I did find some polars from some other site, but to me they did not match what is published on VORG Wiki), what server should it connect to and so forth. I did understand the setting from the release notes for the latest version, but it doesn't help me much if I can't get the tool to work.

A beginners VORG quide is what I would love to see. The information on this forum probably covers most of what a newbie would need, but it is clutterred with a lot of information about this Virtual Regatta stuff, and pro level talk that is not comprehensible to a new VRT user.

I guess the basic idea is to run VORG through Firefox and then VRTool would read the cache info from FF.

Good luck from Sanya to Auckland.
Dana1 I
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