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VRTool 1.97f - release notes

Postby omar » Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:46 pm

I posted a preview of version 1.97b of vrtool.

The full installer can be found at:

(md5 checksum=241E5D17C82BA686D1CD3D96A5FB8C12)

(The ZIP version was removed because this version requires a full installation).
sqlite3 dll was installed to handle a new local boat database.
Among the new/improved features are:

:arrow: Land collision detection (using monochrome bitmap) in Weather routing.
I used Ricoo's translation of GSHHS map to generate a 24000x12000 pixel
monochrome bitmap that is used for land collision detection.
Collision detection was incorporated to the weather routing module and the
new Regatta Runner module.

:arrow: Regatta Runner (RR). This one lets you run what I call peer-to-peer sailing.
You can create a number virtual boats and the RR module moves them at
specified intervals. Virtual boats can be mixed with Virtual Regatta boats
in the desktop. The RR boats can be controlled localy or remotely,
using the new vrtool Remote Boat Client or an included iphone/ipad application.

With the Regatta Runner you can:
- Create local boats and control them as they move.
- Setup your own regatta and invite friends from the local club to participate.

I used a SQLite database to store the boats in file regatta.db.
SQLite is easy to use and allows interaction with PHP code.
regatta.db may be edited using vrtool regatta administrator or
external tools like SQLiteAdmin (http://sqliteadmin.orbmu2k.de/)

The boats can be controlled remotely using the new vrtool remote boat client,
a remote computer or the iphone client ( a web based app, included )
( note: this will only control vrtool boats -in your machine or at friends -
not the "real" VR game boats)

I expanded the embedded vrtool webserver to allow direct interaction between
the iphone client and vrtool. To setup your own regatta, you have to:

1 - Make sure you have winds loaded (for the whole regatta area).
Also load a multisail polar database.

2- Open vrtool regatta runner and setup a regatta.
Create boats and set passwords. Position the boats in the starting point
and initial course.

3- Open the vrtool webserver.
- Set the root directory to c:\program files\vrtool\htdocs\ ( Don't forget the last back slash)
- Check [x]Serve files
- Start the vrtool webserver

4 - Start the regatta at specified gun time.

In the iphone, open Safari and go to http://yourhost:8080/i/index.html
This will allow remote mobile access to your boat(s)

The remote access to vrtool boats can be controlled in a number of ways:
- You can use local netwrok IP number and access only from within your intranet
- You can expose the application to the web (using dynamic dns).

Most people have broadband connections with dynamic IPs (ADSL etc),
so that the IP number may change over time. To solve this problem
you may use a dynamic DNS service (such as http://www.dyndns.org )
You also will have to configure the local access point (router) to
update DynDNS and to route the web traffic to your computer/port

I have one running [sometimes] at home.
You may point your iphone Safari to:


( this runs on 3 hour 0.5 deg wind forecasts from Noaa's Nomad application.
Use the following login: boat=pangrilo password=zzz
(every one will have to share this same boat, I have no registration application in place)

If you don't have an iphone, you may use Windows/Mac Safari or Google Chrome.
( unfortunately Firefox doesn't work with my iphone boat application, which uses webkit )
Android also uses webkit, so they may work, but I didn't test that).

:arrow: Multi sail polars - The old format still works, but you can load the
new multisail polars ( necessary for the regatta runner ).

The Polar Studio was incorporated into the program, so you can
design you own polar database. You may also import existing vpp files into it.

:arrow: import winds directly from NOAA nomad application.
Use the grib import module for that. This works on a automatic clock work mode.
At certain times+interval your winds are updated.
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Re: VRTool 1.97

Postby Ricoo » Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:05 pm

Hi Omar, I have not tested all this much, but my first remark is that it always starts with "Multisail polars" selected, even if the NAV file in "Simple mode".
I'll do more testing on it now. ;)

Omar: note: Hi Ricco. Fixed that in 1.97b
ImageVR ToutoulZ ! . . . . . . . . . . (Tools and stuff for VR races and VRTool)
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Re: VRTool 1.97b

Postby pceribelli » Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:31 am

Dear Omar, I have installed this new version on my winXP Sp3 system. I have this problem, when try to import data from Firefox 3.6.16 the vrtool 1.97b program import only boat data, not import wind.
I have see your post about configuration (http://www.tecepe.com.br/nav/vrtool/off ... ialFCI.htm) and I have correctly set the temp directory "C:\Documents and Settings\Pietro\Impostazioni locali\temp" this is Italian language and Boat data File are "plugin-ServiceCaller-?.php"
Can you post where it's possible download the hold version of vrtool.
My best regards
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Re: VRTool 1.97b - release notes

Postby Hirilonde » Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:05 pm

I have just updated to Firefox 4.0 and installed the new version of VRTool. I use Windows XP like Peitro and I am having the exact same problem.
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Re: VRTool 1.97b - release notes

Postby omar » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:34 am

Hi Pietro and Hirilonde... For FF4 you must use boat data file mask = "plugin-ServiceCaller-*.php"
(with a star, not "plugin-ServiceCaller-?.php" as you mention)
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Re: VRTool 1.97b - release notes

Postby Hirilonde » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:46 pm

It also helps if I use HttpFox :roll:

It seems to work with either ? or *, but I will use * as you suggest. Thanks for the reply.
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Re: VRTool 1.97b - release notes

Postby pceribelli » Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:04 pm

Dear Omar, thanks, but I have set "plugin-ServiceCaller-?.php" on Boat data File. I use Firefox 3.6.16.

Omar comment: "plugin-ServiceCaller-*.php" and HttpFox activated are necessary only for FF4
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Re: VRTool 1.97d - release notes

Postby omar » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:33 pm

Note: This is OBSOLETE. Read the next post

I installed version 1.97c in a new computer and found that it didn't work. :mrgreen:

Windows says Vrtool.exe crashed and was terminated.
Not really the case. The application is ok. But the UAC
(User Account Control), a security mechanism present in
Vista and Windows 7, stopped the program (for reasons
I don't fully understand, may be it is because VRTool tried
to install some COM automation objects for BoatScript).

To correct the problem, i went to the windows control panel and
deactivated the UAC. Then I started vrtool normally.
After that I activated the UAC again.

The good news is that you have to run vrtool without the UAC only once.
Go figure...

In short:
1- deactivate windows UAC
2- run vrtool
3- reactivate the UAC (recommended for security)

P.s. Every time you change UAC settings you have to restart the computer :(
How to turn the UAC on/off?
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Re: VRTool 1.97d - release notes

Postby omar » Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:30 pm

I changed the software installer to register Automation components
at setup time. This avoids the UAC steps described below.
Also some corrections to the regatta runner module.

This is supposed to work with Vista/Windows 7 with UAC activated.
The installer still requires Admin rights, but not ordinary vrtool executions.
( This is as it should be, so people don't skip work to look after their boats.
Only Solitaire or YouTube allowed
:lol: )

All 1.97x users advised to update.

md5sum: BDFDEA39B43F9AAB3BB1DA274C1ED026
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Re: VRTool 1.97d - release notes

Postby Spion007 » Sat May 14, 2011 2:49 pm

Hi Omar,

I fired up the 1.97d release and wanted to tinker with the land collision detection. However I get the following error:
"Not pf1bit (C:\dpr32\NAV\vrtool\LandCollisionDetector.pas, line 58)". I did first create a monochrome bitmap (>15MB). I guess I'm doing something wrong, but have little info on what exactly... ;-) Maybe you can shar some advice?

Roel @ Spion007
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