impossible to display boats and tracks...!!

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impossible to display boats and tracks...!!

Postby Gjnko » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:42 pm

I'm exausted in trying to make this SW works on my PC! the last version I have been used (v.1.90) was perfectly runnig; since the v.1.97 , I'm not any more able to use VRTOOL!!!!!. :evil: Once I fixed the wind upload problem yesterday, i tryied to display tracks; actually, a short track appeared for my boat, plus 2 more close to it I did not of whom or why and later on no ways to have it updated nor the full track imported. the same for the friends listed on the tracks tab. also, 4 my boats were displayed while I'm using only 3 (starsfighter I, II, III) . So I defintely :twisted: shut off the sw. to day, i reconfigured the desktop file and I wrote once more again my boat name; and it appeared correctly. but no boat image nor tracks were displayed, despite all the relvant boxes in the boat and track tabs were checked; nor it was possibile to display the dotted line with the track-design tool ! :evil: .

I wonder if its a Antiviurs or cookie or safety or popup block setting of my PC (i' m using Avast AV - free version.) that cause such a random mulfunctions: but really, after having removed and reinstalled al least 10 times the software and having followed closely all the tutorials, i almost on the point of giving up with VRTool !!
I appreciate anyone could give me any clue to solve this mistery.
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Re: impossible to display boats and tracks...!!

Postby Gjnko » Tue May 08, 2012 7:18 pm

I apologize for the previoous complaint.... :) !! patiently, I discovered I was not waiting long enough :o to let the (Mozilla Cache?) get full of the data so that they could be displyaed on the VRTool desktop.....!
Once I understood this, things went fine... and boats and tracks were displayed on :P !
Only a minor problem for me ( forgive me, ? :oops: I'm not a SW or IT expert, only an old sailor trying to expolit the power of the computer technology and Omar's top SW skills, :) , to have easier sailings here in the Med sea with my old boat trough this brilliant programme... :P ) = I need to refresh the desktop manually every time i want to update winds and boat track data.
infact, if I click on the "get" box, , or I check the "automatic update" on the "boat" tag, the programme returns me the error message "Regatta host empty". I do not why! :shock:

How to solve this situation ??! :roll: .
Thanks for any help form any one.!
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Re: impossible to display boats and tracks...!!

Postby omar » Wed May 09, 2012 1:39 pm

I'm happy you managed to import boat data. It is a complicated method.
I'm afraid I was unable to find a simpler one. :roll:

The key points to import boat data are:
- Install and activate httpFox (Shift-F2 in firefox)
- Configure and activate automatic update (Ctrl-I in vrtool)
Every time vrtool is restarted, you have to check [x]Auto import
- Wait 10 minutes for the first update.

For wind updates, this Update All link only works with vrtoutouz winds.
To use these, go to Regatta config tab and set
Then point a location with the mouse and press [F2] key. This will download a 10x10 degree grid.

If using NOAA winds, the Update All link will not work. Sorry about that :mrgreen:
In this case you have to open the NOAA import module (use Ctrl-G or the blue barb button)
and click Update Now!

Vrtoutoulz and NOAA winds imported by vrtool are pretty much the same.
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