weather routing before update

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weather routing before update

Postby Froos » Tue May 22, 2012 5:35 pm

Hi All,

When i download winds like 2 hours before the game update my weather routing doesnt work;
Building track tree..
wind grid resolution= 1.00 °
wind forecast interval=12h
calculation finished
calc time= 0.02 sec
LGC dist=3079.4 NM
shortest= NAN NM
longest= NAN NM
successfull tracks=0

What setting is wrong?
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Re: weather routing before update

Postby omar » Wed May 23, 2012 12:21 pm


Make sure you have the latest version installed (2.03).
I recently made a couple changes in NOAA winds to correct
the problem of WR'ing in the 2 hours before the update.
(Go to
and update using

The problem you report seems to be related to missing wind forecasts.
Make sure the forecasts are loaded for all times (0, 12, 24 etc)
I noticed that sometimes the NOAA downloads fail for a specific forecast,
for unknown reasons. All winds are 0 for this particular time.
In this case, repeat the wind download.
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Re: weather routing before update

Postby Froos » Wed May 23, 2012 7:58 pm

Hi Omar, thanks for the reply,
im using latest version, I always check before I start the routing that the wind file is complete. Usually if above happens and i try the routing tool again I get a fatal error:

Acces violation at adress 0000003C. Read of adress 0000003C.

When that happens the desktop file is corrupt and routing will not work anymore and i have to start the program again, when I close vrtools I get the same error again. This has been an issue for this vor or versions 2 and up, with previous vvor and clipper wasnt an issue. I must say thou my desktop file is getting pretty big since I used the same file for the last 4 legs....and my celeron 2000MHz with 2Gb memory isnt that fast in routing
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