Navigator 2019 ( version 8.5.1 ) release notes

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Navigator 2019 ( version 8.5.1 ) release notes

Postby omar » Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:39 pm

Version 2019 ( version 8.5.1 ) release notes

  • Changed NOAA wind forecasts import to comply with new NOAA's
    requirement of https protocol to access GFS data.
    This is a mandatory update, since they will be
    no longer serving http after feb/19, breaking the functionality.
  • Implemented the download of wind forecasts from VRTool webserver
    This service delivers NOAA GFS data in a compact format.
    The default wind grid served by VRTool webserver has the following
    NOAA GFS data / Source / Updated every 6 hours
    Size 40x40 deg / Interval 3 hours / Resolution 1.0 deg / Up to 144 hours
    Vars TWS, TWD, Pressure and Temperature

    This wind grid is optimized for weather routing with the program.
    The small 3 hour interval allows the simulation to capture
    the weather variation during the day.

    This is now the preferred and default method to import wind forecasts
    into the program. The old direct NOAA download of gribs is still available.
    Choose wind source in the Wind Options. The new method is much faster :)
  • New weather routing calculation is run on a separate thread of execution
    (i.e. in background), without interfering with normal program usage.
    (Previous version rendered the computer unusable during the calculation)
    The old procedure is still available. To run the new method, use the [WR new] button.
  • Implemented position by Sun set-Sun rise ( thanks to Ross Williams )
    This uses no sextant and can calculate lat and lon
  • Tool bar layout changed to fix issue with Windows 10.
  • Trackbar to set the wind time animation.
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