"PlanetFun", "CamSextant" and "Navigator HD" release notes

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"PlanetFun", "CamSextant" and "Navigator HD" release notes

Postby omar » Mon Mar 27, 2023 1:31 pm

release notes dec/22

"PlanetFun", "CamSextant" and "Navigator HD"


Versions released for Android 13
The release of Android 13 broke some of my apps.
Something related GPS sensor use.

The app crashed at start on devices
Recompiled w/ Android target sdk 32 ( Android 12 )
Now available on *Google Play Store*

Recent updates:

* Celestial Navigator ( iOS and Android ) - Complete celnav app
* VRTool ( Android ) - charts, winds and routing
* CamSextant ( iOS and Android ) - Simplest celnav app
* Nassau St ( iOS and Android ) - Stock portfolio management

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