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Vector charts compatible with Navigator and VRTool (*.CHT)


The excelent VRTouToulz offers Navigator/VRTool compatible versions of NOAA's GSHHS database.
I like c_gshhs.cht, which offers high resolution and is not so big

> MYWORLD.CHT - Low resolution chart of the world. Higher resolution in Brazil, from Santos to Rio de Janeiro.

MYWORLD.ZIP (Zip compressed - 23767 bytes)


> DENMARK.CHT - Denmark and sorrounding areas.
chart by Erik Nielsen

(Zip compressed - 69679 bytes)


> USA.CHT - Islands in NW United States, British Columbia, Gulf Coast (Louisiania, Florida, Texas) and Caribean (Bahamas, British Virgin Islands). The rest of continental US included with low detail.

chart by Bill Newland

USA.ZIP (Zip compressed - 537,272 bytes)

Note: The continental US polygon has more than 32k points and had to be splitted in two because of Windows 9x GDI limitation.


> DANMARK.CHT - Another denmark chart , but this one with much more detail. Extensive use of site names.

chart by Per Brun Jorgensen

DANMARK.ZIP (Zip compressed - 195,582 bytes)


> North Atlantic - Chart and desktop. Atlantic Ocean chart from Equator to Artic Circle, including islands, shoreline and even a few icebergs. After download, unzip desktop (NorthAtlantic.nav) and chart (NA1.CHT) to the same directory.

chart by Ilmari Pirhonen (Zip compressed - 58,959 bytes)


> New Zealand - Small NZ chart. Includes North, South and Stewart Islands. chart by Will Redfern

NEWZEALAND.ZIP (Zip compressed - 5.713 bytes)


> North Atlantic 2 - This is similar to the North Atlantic file above, but with more detail in the BVI region.

chart by Phil Gerber (Zip compressed - 166.543 bytes)


> Islands - 3 vector charts: Falklands Islands (Malvinas), Easter Island and Sri Lanka.

charts by Will Redfern

ISLANDS.ZIP (Zip compressed - 29.904 bytes)


Vector charts were converted from the web application Digital Charts of the World (DCW) from Penn State University. Unfortunately, the original site is no longer responding.

italy , chile , hawaii , Brazil , alaska, french_polynesia, heard_island ,antarctica , japan, portugal, finland, quebec , st_helena, spain, germany, france, florida, canada, australia, california

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If you made a vector chart and would like to share it, send me a message with the CHT file attached. For raster charts, send the image (GIF or JPG) and the CID file. Send to




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